Antrophyum solomonense (Pteridaceae), a New Species from the Solomon Islands, and its Systematic Position Based on Phylogenetic Analysis


A vittarioid fern from the Solomon Islands, which has long been treated as Antrophyum semicostatum, is described here as a new species, Antrophyum solomonense . A description, illustration, and distribution of the new species are presented. Boot-shaped paraphysal apical cells, rounded stipe in cross section, and thin rhizome scale cell walls are the diagnostic characteristics of A. solomonense. A molecular phylogeny inferred from four chloroplast markers further supports its systematic uniqueness.

Systematic Botany 40: 645–651
Joel H. Nitta
Joel H. Nitta
Project Research Associate

My research interests fern systematics, community ecology, and reproducible analysis.