Pteridophytes of Mo'orea, French Polynesia: additional new records


The ferns and lycophytes of Mo’orea, French Polynesia were surveyed as part of the Mo’orea Biocode Project during September 12–13, 2006, September 6–27, 2008, and August 11–28, 2010, resulting in collection of 42 species that had not been previously reported to occur on Mo’orea. Specimen citations, previously known distributions, and taxonomic notes (when appropriate) are given for each new record. New records include 16 species collected for the first time during the Mo’orea Biocode Project, and 26 species collected prior to the project but not included in published species lists. This brings the total number of known Mo’orean pteridophytes to 132 species.

American Fern Journal 101: 36–49
Joel H. Nitta
Joel H. Nitta
Project Research Associate

My research interests fern systematics, community ecology, and reproducible analysis.