Sampling fern communities in Costa Rica

Community Ecology

One central question in biology is, “why do certain species tend to live together?” I am interested in how fern species interact to form communities. I investigate this topic using methods that take into account the evolutionary history of species when modeling community assembly processes. I study fern community assembly at two tropical field sites, Moorea (French Polynesia) and Nectandra (Costa Rica).


. Life cycle matters: DNA barcoding reveals contrasting community structure between fern sporophytes and gametophytes. Ecological Monographs 87: 278–296, 2017.

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. Fern species richness and abundance are indicators of climate change on high-elevation islands: evidence from an elevational gradient on Tahiti (French Polynesia). Climatic Change 138: 143–156, 2016.

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. Pteridophytes of Mo'orea, French Polynesia: additional new records. American Fern Journal 101: 36–49, 2011.

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